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Crypto Fights is multiplayer web browser game were you can win free Satoshi.You can invite friends, claim hourly bonus from work, fights against other players ,win in the raffle and safe game . And much much more coming soon!

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What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and one of the world's largest payment systems. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is not regulated in most of the countries and it is decentralized (meaning there's no Central Bank involved). The network is transparent, you may see all the transactions in it, though it's anonymous, so you never know who's made the transaction.

What is Crypto Fights?

A Crypto Fights is a website that is giving away free bitcoins to its registered users. To be able to claim all you have to do is to sign up on the website, solve a captcha and get free bitcoins. Here on Crypto Fights once you reach 20 000 satoshi (0.0002 BTC), you'll be able to withdraw the bitcoins.

How many free bitcoins can I make?

We're giving away random amounts of satoshi from 300 to 400 satoshi once per hour . You may not claim faster than that using the same IP address or account.

How is Crypto Fights different from other bitcoin faucets?

Crypto Fights has its own unique game that never been seen in bitcoin.

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