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Bram the Brave

Bram the Brave

Once the strongest fighter and leader of the Elderia Academy, Bram now protects and guides new fighters on their journey against formidable opponents.


Grey Keep



Bram the Brave, a renowned warrior, was once the epitome of strength and leadership at the prestigious Elderia Academy. However, a fateful incident changed the course of his destiny, rendering him unable to fight himself. Undeterred, Bram embraced his new role as the guardian of the Grey Keep and Golden Hall, standing as the first line of defense against the encroaching darkness that threatens to consume the realm.  

With unwavering dedication, Bram extends his knowledge and guidance to the next generation of fighters, offering valuable advice and honing their combat skills. As a mentor, he patiently walks alongside aspiring warriors, imparting wisdom and sharing battle-tested techniques. From the moment a new journey begins, Bram stands as a guiding light, leading them through the initial steps and instilling the confidence needed to face formidable opponents in the arena. His presence is a symbol of hope, inspiring fighters to rise above their limitations and emerge victorious in the face of adversity.

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