Buy BSV with Debit or Credit Card

CryptoFights Token

Fighters claim $CFS tokens by competing in arenas and using CryptoFights economic features.

CryptoFights economy features are anything that require CFS Tokens, such as the NFT Marketplace, Crafting, Enchanting, Portal Charging, Gods Leaderboard, AFK Rewards and more. More details about claiming CFS Tokens in the form of AFK rewards from Portal Charging or Gods Leaderboard are in our whitepaper.


1. Download the Game

Our game is currently playable in Google Play Store, on PC or emulators such as Bluestacks.

2. Fund Account with BitcoinSV

CFS Token is purchasable with BitcoinSV. We recommend using HandCash, available on Google Play & Apple Store.  Easily send BSV directly to-and-from the CryptoFights game with your BitcoinSV address.

3. Purchase CFS Token

You have the freedom to purchase, sell, and transfer CFS Token.

Token Marketplace Guide